Arma 3: Vanilla

In 2030, war erupts on the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis, killing half of the civilian population, rendering thousands of them homeless, and causing a refugee crisis.

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By July 2035, After the Bloody Civil War between FIA and AAF, the AAF have control of most of the two islands. NATO has nearly finished dismantling its equipment and bases, and a few infantry units and a helicopter group are left in Stratis. The NATO commander is called to the Kamino Firing Range for unknown reasons. While working on the island, U.S. soldiers Corporal Ben Kerry and Staff Sergeant Adams are also sent to Kamino by the commander of the nearby Camp Rogain. Eventually, they find their commander dead and AAF forces suddenly attack the remaining NATO forces, causing command elements to fall and severing communication with the outside world. Before they can rally with other survivors, Adams is killed by a landmine, forcing Kerry to continue alone.

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