The Ship

The Ship is a first-person shooter video game developed by Outerlight using Valve Corporation's Source engine

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The single-player story begins with an introduction from Mr. X. He tells the passengers of his wish and warns that those too weak to play his game may be of use to the sharks, but not for him. The player assumes the role of Charlie Panther, second class passenger. After (easily) dispatching his quarry, Charlie hears a young man whisper to him from a nearby third class cabin. Upon investigating, he is greeted (and complimented on how well he killed his quarry) by the young man who introduces himself as Jimmy the Bellboy. Jimmy explains that Mr. X don't like no loose ends and that he is planning on destroying the boat after the hunt is over—along with whoever wins. Jimmy then offers to get Charlie off the boat for $100,000. However, before he can start gathering money, Charlie has to deal with his own hunter. Jimmy suggests he find someone who looks just like him so he can fool his hunter.

Charlie notices someone who could definitely pass for him at the museum, so he steals a tranquilizer syringe from the sickbay and injects the man with it, causing him to instantly become unconscious. Charlie returns to Jimmy, who in turn tells Charlies hunter that he is in the museum asleep, therefore taking the target off Charlies back. With Charlie safe (from his hunter, at least) Jimmy sends him to the Vesuvius bar on Deck B, where Bruno, the bartender, has him steal wallets from rich customers and give him half of whats in them. This works for a while, but the guard become suspicious of their plot, and Charlie is forced to leave.

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